As individuals, we are powerful. As a community, we are unstoppable.

Building and supporting community is an integral part of our vision. We are building a global community of Compassion Warriors. We are also also on the lookout for opportunities to collaborate with organizations who are driven to do good in the world.

If you are passionate about bringing people together for the collective good, connect with us to see where we might share some common ground. While we operate primarily online now, we have big plans for the future.

We are creative and driven types, and we think you might be too.

Projects We Currently Support

Here are examples of projects we are currently collaborating with: 

Ritual Island (Hamilton, Ontario, 2018)

  • Ritual Island believes in building self-awareness and community by creating accessible and inclusive experiences through decolonized wellness platforms. 
  • The Seva Life supported a weekly pay-what-you-can movement class with proceeds being donated to support Interval House and their Weekly Wellness program. Interval House is a Hamilton-based women’s shelter providing a safe place & support for abused women (with or without children). (Online, 2018)

  • gives families the ability to transition from destructive farming techniques to a Forest Garden system that sustains and empowers them. Planting trees provides families with food, income, empowerment, unity, leadership, and education. We are supporting on our Animal Sanctuary Compassion Tour by calculating our carbon footprint and offsetting our impact by purchasing trees to plant.