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March 24, 2018
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March 25, 2018
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Awareness, Choice, Action: How We Got Here

This blog is about documenting our process towards living a more compassionate life.

For us, this journey began by reconnecting with our core values and questioning whether how we were showing up in the world (our actions, our choices, our behaviours) were a true reflection of the kind of people we wanted to be. The kind of people we know we are. We all are.

You’ll find three voices here, to start. Nicole’s, Chris’, and the collective “we”. Although we are on a shared path in our life together, we are also very much on our own paths of exploration, moved by what resonates with us at an individual level.

There is no “one size fits all” approach to the journey we are on.

But while our paths will be different, the root of our actions is the same: an opening of the heart and the mind enough to challenge that what was.

We took the time, looking outward, to understand the systems and the reality of issues like animal agriculture, toxins in home and beauty products, and trash islands in the oceans. We began to realize that the choices we were making every day were not only out of alignment with our personal values but they were also resulting in direct harm against other beings, the environment and ourselves!

And that didn’t sit well.

Looking inward, we quickly realized that we as individuals, have immense power in the choices that we make every day. And #sorrynotsorry for the cliche but “with great power comes great responsibility”.

In this blog we’ll documents our findings, we’ll share what we learn and be honest about the realizations we have. We will share how the choices we make and the actions we take can positively impact people, animals and the environment.

Our goal is to help others to become more aware of the consequences of their choices and to encourage people to live a more conscious, compassionate life.

Let us be clear: we are not perfect. Nor will we ever claim to be. This work will never be done. That inspires us too grow, to progress towards a better way of life. This is a process of discovery, of un-covery.

Want to join us on this wild ride? We would *all* be lucky to have you.

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