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July 2, 2018
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August 18, 2018
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The Talk, The Trip, The Tribe: Coming Up at The Seva Life

We’d be lying if we said that when we soft-launched The Seva Life on Earth Hour earlier this year, we knew this is where we’d land. But like the saying goes: when it rains, it pours!

By now, you’ve learned a little bit about us, and our journey towards plant-based eating, and earth-friendly living. In the coming months, we are so excited to say that we’re expanding our work to help empower as many people as possible to find sustainable ways to live in better alignment with this incredible planet we all share.

We have a LOT of projects in the works right now and can’t wait to hit the ground running (well, driving…but you’ll see what we mean in a moment!). Here’s what’s on the horizon for us, and hopefully you too!

The Talk: Laying The Foundations for Compassionate Living

On Saturday September 8, we are so excited to be presenting our signature talk “Laying The Foundations for Compassionate Living” at Toronto’s Veg Food Fest! The festival is the largest vegetarian/vegan festival in North America, with more than 40,000 people visiting over the weekend-long event.

The festival has “showcased leading international animal advocates, experts in nutrition, best-selling cookbook authors, award-winning documentaries… [and] has been a launching point for local businesses and an annual destination for vegans, vegetarians, and veg-curious eaters.” Sign. Us. Up!

If you are at all curious about what compassionate living looks like then we would LOVE to see you at our talk! We will explore some of the fundamental truths about how to live compassionately as unique individuals for one another, for animals and for the planet. We’ll cover basic neurobiology around how we develop our attitudes, beliefs and behaviours (read: why we do what we do), interpretations and applications of what it means to be compassionate (i.e., how to be your best self), and ways to set yourself up for success in your pursuit of living in better alignment with the planet.

We’ll also share ideas on how to address some of the common struggles and pitfalls of adopting a vegan lifestyle, so if you’ve ever been curious about going plant-based but want to set yourself up for success, this talk is not to be missed! Check us out!

The Trip: The Seva Life’s Animal Sanctuary Compassion Tour

Shortly after Veg Food Fest, we’ll be hitting the road for our first major project: The Animal Sanctuary Compassion Tour! We are embarking on a cross-country road trip to visit and volunteer at more than a dozen animal sanctuaries; profiling the wonderful people who are committed to compassionate living, and their furry and feathered residents.

Our goal with this trip is to learn more about how these inspiring individuals embarked on their journeys, what motivates them, and share their stories in the hopes of inspiring others to consider making lifestyle changes that reduce the amount of harm that humans do to animals.

We start in Hamilton, Ontario and head West to British Columbia, South to Portland, Oregon and back East across the US. We’ll be travelling in our minivan, which we’re converting into a cozy yet functional mini camper (#vanlife).

Here’s the thing: we need your help for this trip to happen. We’ve launched a crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe to help cover some of the costs (mostly fuel and campsite costs) so that we can focus on volunteering and telling these stories.

This trip isn’t just about raising awareness about animal welfare. We’re also committed to having this trip be as carbon neutral and zero-waste as possible, all the while living off of a plant-based diet. We’ll actually be offsetting our carbon footprint by working with to plant trees and sustainable forests!

Along the way, we’ll document our travels (and likely tribulations) and ultimately, the research and experience we gather from this trip will shape the content for our first book about compassionate living (yes, A BOOK!), which will be released in 2019.

Want to help us out? ANY amount is HUGELY appreciated! We’re so thankful for anything you can provide and anyone who makes a donation will get the e-book version of our book for free! So help us out, will ya?

The Tribe: Creating a Community of Compassion Warriors

This is where we bring it all home. At the core of our work is empowering more people to make choices that do less harm to the planet. To put it another way: our goal is to create a world where compassionate living is a given, not an exception.

To do this, we want to build a global community of Compassion Warriors. A Compassion Warrior is someone who is committed to changing the world by first being a better, kinder, more conscious human in that world. We are creating a dedicated platform to support our growing community of Compassion Warriors; is that you?

If you want to make changes in your life that will have a direct and positive impact on the world around you, and are looking for the support to make those changes, then this community is for you. Check out our Patreon page. By becoming a Patron, you are becoming part of a global community of Compassion Warriors:

  • Your support means that we can increase our reach in raising awareness about compassionate living.
  • Your support helps us empower more people to commit to living in better alignment with the planet.
  • Your support allows us to develop tools and resources so that we can support you in your journey towards a more compassionate life.

We will be rolling out resources, hosting live chats and facilitating discussions to help you on your journey, plus we’ve thrown in some fun perks to thank you for your support. Remember: we’ve got big plans, and even bigger dreams and we can’t do it without you. If you believe in the possibility of a kinder, healthier, more compassionate world, show up where you can, when you can and help us, help you.

Are you interested in watching how this journey unfolds? Follow us on Instagram and subscribe to our newsletter. If you have the means to help us financially, please consider donating any amount to our Compassion Tour, or becoming a supporting member of our Compassion Warrior Community.

Are you ready? Let’s do this.

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